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June 24, 2002- I added a guestbook...not that anyone comes to this site anyways...right?  Oh well, I figured out how to write 'and into the underworld'.  And part of Mission 1 summary is up.

June 10, 2002- Fixed up the profiles a bit, Ken is up...next update I'm going to put up some pictures...*warning* my favorite are Nagi and Omi, so I'm going to have more of their pictures than others.  I might get to wallpaers too... maybe winamp skins, still trying to figure out how I can do that with out totally screwing up the site.

June 8, 2002- stuff...blah...blah.....

June 7, 2002- just started..Aya's profile is up..its 10:44pm I'm tired and cranky.  I'll update again sometime in the near future..only Crawford really knows ^_^ ~!